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Putting the ham in burgersTwo connoisseurs share some juicy insightsI shared lunch with Hand, a former gallery owner, and Hawco, a technical writer, atvintage casse-croûte Philippeon Amherst St., where the eponymous founder, grand-father to the current owner, comes in daily to oversee the grinding of the meat. The fresh browned, crumbly mozzaburger, topped with cheese, mushrooms and honey mustard, is a clinic in deliciousness."This is an example of how a casse-croûte can do a burger really well," Hand nodded approvingly between bites of his Super-Phil. Even better for burgers purists, Philippe seems blissfully unaware of the craze current sweeping the continent.Sarah Musgrave,The Gazette, 27 novembre 2009Lire l'article en entier
Les meilleurs hamburgers de MontréalPas très raffiné, le hamburger? Certes non! Mais il n'est pas difficile de dépasser, et de très loin, le niveau d'un MacDonald ou d'un Quick (pour les Français). On peut avoir d'agréables surprises! Il ne faut pas oublier que le hamburger est avant tout une forme de sandwich et que la qualité des ingrédients compte pour beaucoup.Nous allons ici subdiviser notre palmarès en deux catégories: les hambourgeois traditionnels et ceux de fantaisie. Par traditionnel, on sous-entend le classique pain, galette de bœuf haché et fromage. Par fantaisie, on sous-entend n'importe quoi, tant que la forme du burger est encore présente.Les meilleurs burgers traditionnelsCinq étoiles(2 restaurants)Restaurant La Paryse, 302 rue Ontario EstRestaurant Chez Philippe, 1877 rue AmherstPetit pain habituel, mais viande hachée de qualité. Simple resto de quartier, mais agréable surprise dans l'assiette!Vivre et mourir à MontréalLire l'article en entier
Howdy!In no particular order, these are some of the places I would suggest that anyone coming to Montreal try.Restaurant Philippe, 1877 Amherst, (514) 528-5957. Hand ground meat daily and a cook who has been making burgers for his entire life, it really doesn't get better than this.Zeke,The Atlantic (The New York Times)
Chris (Zeke) Hand
Les meilleures poutines de MontréalLa poutine : chef-d’œuvre de l’imagination débridée québécoise ? Ou bien un des plus grands désastres culinaires mondiaux ? Si vous connaissez, vous avez sûrement choisi votre parti... Généralement, il n’y a pas de demi-mesure. La poutine fait partie de ces phénomènes qui n’engendrent que des réactions extrêmes !
Voici une liste d’endroits qui font de très bonnes poutines à Montréal. Les restaurants ne sont pas placés en ordre de préférence, exercice difficile et éthiquement incorrect, mais placés avec les restaurants ayant obtenu le même nombre d’étoiles.Le secret d’une bonne poutine réside dans ses trois composantes  : la frite, la sauce et le fromage. Si ce n’est pas du fromage en grains, ce n’est pas une poutine: c’est une frite sauce gratinée...Quatre étoiles - Succulente    * Restaurant chez Louis    * Restaurant le Mont-Royal Hot-Dog    * Les restaurants Frite Alors !    *Restaurant Philippe    * L’Exception    * La Paryse    * Montreal Pool RoomVivre et mourir à MontréalLire l'article en entier
La poutine de la Pataterie Chez Philippe
Montreal Burger Report Episode 45 : Le Cheval Blanc & Restaurant PhilippePosted by Chris ‘Zeke’ Hand Chris ‘Zeke’ Hand and Ed Hawco (also known as Blork) are preparing to leave Le Cheval Blanc so that they can eat some hamburgers at theLegendary Montreal Institution Restaurant Philippe. Julie Rondeau, one of the best chefs in town has joined them because she has been making changes to the menu at Le Cheval Blanc.
In today’s episode, while thay are walking down the street Zeke explains what a smashburger is, Blork gets all misty eyed and poetic abouthow wonderful and great the hamburgers atRestaurant Philippe are. And our heroes recognize it will be a momentous occasion because the previous time they had visited they had brought the restaurant reviewer from theMontreal Gazettewith them and it was good.Montreal Burger Report,March 3, 2010Ecouter 
Restaurant Philippe interior view

Montreal Burger Report Episode 46 : Restaurant PhilippePosted by Chris 'Zeke' HandThis week Chris ‘Zeke’ Hand and Ed Hawco (also known as Blork) are quiet and don’t say a word.The entire show is spent listening to John Hachez talk about Restaurant Philippe’s history, methods, recipes and love.Montreal Burger Report,March 3, 2010Écouter l'entrevue avec John Hachez
The Big Phil burger at Restaurant Philippe
Restaurant Philippe : "Best handcut french fries"Simply the best by far for the gay village.They also have great burgers.Thumps up for : ALL TAXES INCLUDED on their menu.Finally this one makes it simple for staff and patrons.Urbanspoon Montreal,March 24, 2010
Montreal Burger Report Episode 47 : Restaurant PhilippePosted by Chris 'Zeke' HandThis week Chris ‘Zeke’ Hand and Ed Hawco (also known as Blork) are joined by one of Montreal’s best chefs Julie Rondeau atthe Montreal Hamburger Institution, Restaurant Philippe.(...)The general consensus is that they make great burgers atRestaurant Philippe, and everyone is in agreement that they should return often and soon.
The Restaurant Philippe Double Cheeseburger. Notice the crust formed by the Maillard Reaction.
Zeke’s Verdict
I gotta give major props to Jack Ruttan for suggesting Restaurant Philippe (aka Resto Phil, Pataterie Chez Philippe and Chez Phil as well) and then to John, his dad and his daughter for making kick-ass hamburgers and cheeseburgers. I could ramble on using a variety of multi-syllabic words to elucidate on the exquisite appearance and how terrificly toothsome their repasts are. But I won’t, and just simply state thatthey make really good hamburgers and cheeseburgers at Restaurant Philippe.
Ed’s Verdict
The burgers at Chez Philippe are not sophisticated, butthey are almost magically delicious. Whereas many burger places try to wow you with exotic sounding ingredients, and a lot of corner casse-croutes have traded in their souls for convenience and low-rent ingredients, Chez Philippe knocks me out with its modest menu of burgers that carry more than 40 years of uncompromising experience. The folks there still do it Phil’s way, and the difference comes through in the flavour. They’re one of the few places around (maybe the only one) using the “smash” burger technique, andthe result is a gorgeous caramelized sear on the meat that amps up the beefiness to a heavenly level. It ain’t fancy, but damn, is it good!Montreal Burger Report,March 17, 2010Lire l'article en entier 
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